RadioTV10 opinion on this week’s news headlines: “Lie, lie, and something of the truth will always remain”


In the era of fake news, it is our duty to differentiate true from false statement and pass on correct and objective information to the national and the international public opinions in order to avoid getting caught in lies that kill.

In this regards, we would dare to challenge, our colleagues from different media houses in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Burkina Faso and France.

Izindi Nkuru

It is sad to notice that in this week’s African press review, false statements were published without reflecting an analysis or opinion on their part, thus giving free rein to some intellectually ill-prepared individuals to spread false information online with childish lies, not worthy of a head of state.

In his latest statement, the Congolese president lined up nonsense and other lies as following: First: Rwanda was built on the plundering of DR Congo mineral resources!  Brazen lie! A mere investigation conducted by the youngest of Investigative journalists would be enough to refute such false allegations. Probably intended for justify his own failure in the eyes of the international community and his fellow citizens.

Secondly: Praising and supplying weapons and ammunitions to the “Wazalendo, FDLR and other civilian militias” have never been a solution to any conflict anywhere in the world.

The lessons of history, such as the sobering reminders from conflicts in the Balkans (Kosovo, Croatia), in Iraq and Lebanon, in Burma and closer to us in Somalia, Sahel and Central African Republic, will be useful for him.

Thirdly: His emotional criticism of the agreements signed by sovereign states (Rwanda-Poland and Rwanda-EU) demonstrates the immaturity of DR Congo’s political leaders.

All developed countries across the world have achieved their economic prosperity by making their trade work better. Without either attacking the other or calling him a thief or a looter. It’s high time to stand up against this kind of talk to prevent DR Congo from sinking further, due to the lack of visionary leaders.

It would not be superfluous to conclude without reminding our Congolese neighbours of what is often repeated in Kinshasa: “lokuta eyaka na ascenseur…vérité eye na escalier. Yango pe ekomi” (Lies come up in the elevator; the truth takes the stairs but gets here eventually).


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